Par Romain, il y a maintenant 9 années | 4 commentaires.

Voici une vidéo que je trouve émouvante. Des instants de vie qui me font penser que le bonheur c’est peut-être juste la somme de ces moments-là.

D’autres vidéos ici dont WORDS et son remake re:WORDS recréé avec des vidéos pris sur youtube.

  1. Life is short, and this article saved vauablle time on this Earth.

  2. All I know is I'm going to start camping out on your lawn. You my friend, are amazing! I hope Costco listens to you – if not, I'm sending your list to Smart n' Final (I'm not a Costco member!)PS: I keep my wheat germ, wheat bran, and any whole wheat flours in the freezer.

  3. Indonesia rocks! Rhoma Irama socks! Big time!! Of all many famous Indonesian, who picked that wacist polygamist parrot?? And having delusion on running for President? Geez.. I bet all the other candidates would look like saints.

  4. does it matter whether the Chinese spend their dollars in the US or loan those dollars to others (especially the US government) who then spend them in the US? The effect is the same, at least in the short term.As for your distinction between "natural" and non-natural specializations, I'm not convinced that it matters as much as you seem to think it does. Regardless of whether a current specialization is the result of climate, geography or past government policy, the fact that it is a current specialization is what matters.

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